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Submission of Health Certificates / All Knock Knock Prescholl students 【English Contents】

For All Knock Knock Preschool (Regular Course / After Kinder / Full Day)

Important! Health Checkups are required .

Knock Knock Preschool Chitose Funabashi and Seijo are eligible for “Early childhood education and care benefits” as childcare facilities that meet the “Standards for Guidance and Supervision of Ninkagai-Hoiku-Shisetsu (Unlicensed Childcare Facilities)”. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation that all Knock Knock Preschool students are required to undergo a health checkup as stipulated in the standards.

Please submit health certificates after checkups.

The health certificate must include the child’s name, the name of the medical institution, the date of the checkup, and a description of the child’s health condition that allows us to determine whether or not the child is eligible to attend preschool.

  • Medical certificate issued by Karugamo Clinic or your family doctor (photocopy is acceptable).
  • If your child has had a health checkup at a kindergarten or nursery school other than Knock Knock and a health certificate is issued, please submit a photocopy of the certificate or if it is difficult to submit a photocopy, please ask for a special form.
  • A photocopy of the mother-child handbook for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children’s medical checkups (valid within 6 months when the child is enrolled at the preschool / valid after 4 months before the date of enrollment for newly enrolled children)

《 New Students 》 A health certificate is required at the time of admission to preschool.

  • Health certificates received 4 months or more prior to the date of enrollment are valid.
  • If for some reason you are unable to submit the health certificate on the first day of enrollment, please submit it within 14 days of enrollment.
  • Please note that if the certificate is not submitted after 14 days, the child will not be allowed to attend preschool from the 15th day of enrollment. No refunds will be made for childcare fees during the suspension of attendance.

《 Existing Students 》 Health certificates are required twice a year, in “April” and “October”.

  • Please submit the “April Checkup” by April 30 and the “October Checkup” by October 31.
  • Please note that if you do not submit the form by the due date, your child will not be allowed to attend our school after the due date. No refunds will be made for childcare fees during the period of suspension.

For those who have been enrolled for less than one year and have submitted a health certificate at the time of enrollment, please follow the chart below.

Date of Health Checkup
at the time of admission
Health Checkup
Health Checkup
Before End of
February 2022
Necessary Necessary
March 1, 2022
~ August 31
Unnecessary Necessary
September 1, 2022
~ End of February 2023
Unnecessary Unnecessary

Knock Knock’s Partner Medical Facility / Karugamo Clinic

Please mention “Knock Knock’s Health Certificate” when you make an appointment directly with them.

Karugamo Clinic

Iryo-Blbd. 2F, 2-25-4 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Google Map
Friday, Holidays
Please check a website for more information about holidays.

Use of affiliated medical facilities and Karugamo Clinic

  • Please let us know that you are a Knock Knock student when you make an appointment.
  • Knock Knock will pay for the first checkup in the new school year.
  • You will be responsible for the second and subsequent checkups, but you do not need to pay the fee on the day of the checkup at the medical institution. The medical checkup fee will be charged in addition to the Knock Knock tuition.

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