About downgrade of COVID-19 to ‘common infectious disease’ (As of 9th May 2023) / ENGLISH

Apply  to all staff・Student・Parents (Knock Knock English / Preschool / IAS)

Thank you your cooperation.Japan formally decided on Jan. 27 to downgrade the legal status of the novel coronavirus from May 8 to “Class 5,” the same category as common infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza, to ease COVID-19 prevention rules

Prevention of Infection「Not required」

– Masks   「Not required」

All staff, students, and parents/guardians are expected to wear masks at their own discretion and will not be forced to wear masks against their will. However, we may ask students to wear masks if they are not feeling well or if there is an outbreak of new coronavirus infection in the school.

– Check  temperature「Not required」

We have been conducting temperature checks for all persons, including our staff, students, and the general public, when entering and exiting the school building, but we will discontinue this practice. If the temperature is 37.5°C or higher before entering the building or if you have symptoms such as a cough or runny nose (even if you do not have a fever), you will not be allowed to participate or enter the building on that day.

Prevention of Infection「Continuation」

– Hand washing  Continuation

We will continue to ensure that everyone, including our staff, students, and the general public, wash their hands or disinfect their fingers when entering and exiting the school building.

– Usage of Paper Towels Continuation

After washing their hands, single-use paper towels are used in order to prevent the spread of germs.

– Lunch ・ Snack time  Continuation

Tables will have space between students, and acrylic panels will continue to be used as partitions to prevent spreading germs.

– Ventilation  Continuation

In order to keep the teaching spaces ventilated with fresh air, doors or windows are kept open during hours of use.

– Disinfection  Continuation

Classrooms are regularly disinfected several times in places that are frequently touched by students and teachers, including but not limited to toys, books, and handrails. The inside of the shuttle buses are also disinfected in between every use.

Please refrain from attending school if you fall into any of the following categories

  • Those who with a fever of 37.5 or higher, or those who do not feel well even if they do not have a fever.
  • Those who have been asked by their nursery school or kindergarten to stay at home and observe their health (refrain from going out).
  • Those who have been requested by medical institutions to observe their health at home.

* Even if your family member is a close contact, you can attend our classes if you do not fall under any of the above.


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