Ms. Tina 退職のお知らせ

ノックノックに着任して、10年以上在籍しておりました講師 Ms. Tina が2023年 3月31日をもちまして退職いたしますのでお知らせいたします。Ms. Tina よりお別れのメッセージをいただいておりますのでここにてお知らせいたします。

Each one of you are really special student to me.

Hello everyone,
I can’t believe that I’m writing goodbye message to everyone.
11 years ago, I started as a Eastman / Knock Knock English staff and now I’m teaching at Knock Knock Preschool as a teacher. This school was my first place to work at English cram school / preschool.
I still remembered that I was really nervous when I first teach. But everyone was so kind and patient to me so that I soon can calm down and teach.
Every single students has a bright smile and always can say sweet words like “It was fun!”, “I love you, Ms. Tina.” It really made my days! Thank you so much for the lovely pictures that you draw for me. I’ll keep it forever!

For my last message to my students, I just want to say, be positive, don’t be afraid to making mistakes and challenge a lot!
Each one of you are really special student to me. If you see me somewhere, please say “Hello!” I wish you and your family the best for your next journey.




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