Knock Knock Infectious Disease Prevention Terms of Operation as of January 2022 / ENGLISH

Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, some of our students and staff have been confirmed to be positive, and we apologize for the great concern this has caused. We would also like to thank you for your cooperation in  PCR test conducted at our school.

The results of the PCR test confirmed that our teachers and staff tested negative, and based on advice from Setagaya Ward and the public health center, we have reopened the school, but we will continue to operate the school with stronger infection control measures in place.

We would like to ask for the continued understanding and cooperation of all parents and guardians in preventing the spread of infection.

Please refrain from attending the school if any of the following conditions to you【Add】

Due to the nationwide spread of the new coronavirus, we ask that students who are in the following categories refrain from attending school. If you are unable to make a decision on your own, please contact the head office.

Students who meet the following conditions will be asked to voluntarily refrain from attending school.

  • Close contact
  • Those who with a fever of 37.5 or higher, or those who do not feel well even if they do not have a fever.
  • Those who have been asked by their nursery school or kindergarten to stay at home and observe their health (refrain from going out).
  • Those who have been requested by medical institutions to observe their health at home.
    * Even if your family member is a close contact, you can attend our class if you do not fall under any of the above.

Precautions for All Schools

– All Staff: Required to wear non-woven masks

All school staff are required to wear non-woven masks.

– Guardians: Required to wear masks

All guardians are required to wear masks.

– While Commuting (with guardians or by school buses): Required to wear masks

All students are required to wear masks while commuting.

– All Staff and Students: Required to check temperature and wash hands

The temperature of all staff and students are measured and they are required to wash their hands upon entering all schools.

– Disinfection

Classrooms are regularly disinfected several times a day in places that are frequently touched by students and teachers, including but not limited to toys, books, and handrails. The inside of the shuttle buses is also disinfected in between every student that uses it.

– Ventilation

In order to keep the teaching spaces ventilated with fresh air, doors or windows are kept open during hours of use.

– Carpets in class

The carpet in the classrooms will be temporarily removed to allow for more efficient disinfection work in the school.

– Vaccination of Staff

For our students’ interests, we actively encourage to pursue the process of third vaccination to all staff members.

Infectious Disease Control Guidelines for Knock Knock Preschool

After Kinder Class Required to Wear Masks  →  Recommended to Wear Masks from December 2021→ Require to Wear Masks from January 2022

– Wearing Masks

Please check the following as the requirements vary depending on the course you are participating in.

Regular Class / Wearing Masks【Change】

In accordance with the guidelines of Setagaya Ward, we will not force students to wear masks, but our school policy is to continue to encourage students to wear masks as much as possible.

If students wear masks from home, we will pay close attention to whether they feel suffocated by wearing masks, and if it is difficult for them to wear masks continuously, we will not force them to wear masks. Also, when removing masks, we manage them individually and make sure that other students do not touch them.

After Kinder Class / Must Wear Masks 【Change】

For the After Kinder class (15:30-18:00), which we have students who attend different kindergartens and nursery schools during the day, we ask that students wear masks to prevent infection. Staff will ask students to wear masks, and parents are asked to help with this.

We ask that masks be worn at all times during lessons, unless there is a risk of respiratory distress or heat stroke.

– Measures at Lunch and Snack Time

We use tables with plenty of space between students. In addition, partitions are used to further prevent the spread of germs between students.

– Usage of Paper Towels

After washing their hands, single-use paper towels are used in order to prevent the spread of germs.

– Snacks at After Kinder Class【Add】

We will no longer be providing snacks in class and ask that students take their snacks home for a while.

– We will refrain from activities in the park【Add】

Park activities will be suspended. We will do only activities in the yard of each school.

– About Enrollment Recess Options

If you are concerned about the spread of infection due to proximity to others, an adjournment system is offered. In this system, a month’s recess is permitted and the tuition from that month can be carried over to the next month. Please note that this system is for one month and can only be used one time in the school year. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the school.

If you are absent without using the Adjournment System, you will need to pay the childcare fee. For support outside the system provided by Knock Knock, please consult with your local ward office.

–Requests from School【Add】

The following is not a policy, but we would appreciate your cooperation.

  • When picking up or dropping off your child, please avoid close contact with other parents and maintain a social distance.
  • When dropping off or picking up your child, please do not gather in the yard or on the street, and please return home as soon as possible.

Infectious Disease Control Guidelines for Knock Knock English

-Regarding Mask Usage by Students

We ask that all students at face-to-face classes wear masks during the duration of class. If you are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, we request that you take an online class.

– Resumption of In-person Group Lessons

As part of measured enacted to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we moved group lessons to online. Now, as we mitigate precautions, we have resumed in-person group lessons.

– Arrangement of Tables and Installation of Partitions

We use tables with plenty of space between students. In addition, depending on the space between students, partitions are used to prevent the proximity between students and the risk of spread of germs.

– Snack Time【Add】

We will no longer be providing snacks in class for a while.

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