Knock Knock Infectious Disease Prevention Terms of Operation as of September 2021 / ENGLISH

For the Latest Information of the COVID-19 Precautions, please check “Knock Knock Infectious Disease Prevention Terms of Operation as of May 2022 / ENGLISH

The following precaution guidelines were announced in December 2021.

Due to the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 that can affect young children, elementary schools in Setagaya are taking new precautions to protect the health of students. Many parents have inquired about the precautions practiced at Knock Knock English and Preschool. For that reason we have compiled information detailing our school’s measures against the spread of COVID-19 as of September 1, 2021. Please feel free to check thoroughly.

Precautions for All Schools

– Staff Mask Guidelines

All teachers are required to wear non-woven masks.

– Temperature Check

Upon entering all schools and riding on school-provided transportation, the temperature of every person, including all students, staff, and teachers, is measured.

– Disinfection

Classrooms are regularly disinfected several times a day in places that are frequently touched by students and teachers, including but not limited to toys, books, and handrails. The inside of the shuttle buses is also disinfected in between every student that uses it.

– Ventilation

In order to keep the teaching spaces ventilated with fresh air, doors or windows are kept open during hours of use.

– Usage of Masks aboard School Transportation

From the time of boarding the school bus, it is mandatory for students to wear a mask during the entire time on board the bus due to being in close proximity to other students. In addition, we request that parents also wear a mask when picking up or dropping off students.

– Vaccination of Staff

Because of the schools’ status as a social welfare facility (preschool), priority inoculation is offered to our staff, including foreign teachers, by Setagaya Ward. Staff members are encouraged to pursue the process of vaccination in the interests of our students.

Infectious Disease Control Guidelines for Knock Knock Preschool

– Regarding Mask Usage by Students

Policies regarding the guidelines of mask usage differ between our courses.

Regular Class / Masks are not obligatory

Students in our Regular Class are not forced to wear masks, following the guidelines set for preschools in Setagaya Ward.

However, we encourage students to wear masks as much as possible.
If your child wears a mask from home, we make sure they are able to breathe comfortably at school. Additionally, if it is too uncomfortable for a child to wear a mask continuously, they are not forced to wear it. Furthermore, each child’s mask is separated individually as to prevent the spread of germs.

After Kinder Class / Masks are required

For After Kinder Class (15:30-18:00), students are required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, due to many students attending different preschools and kindergartens prior to the class. The staff will help students to remember to wear masks during school, so we request the support of parents in encouraging this practice.

Unless in a case of a serious health problem such as respiratory distress or heat stroke, we ask that students continue wearing masks for the entire class.

– Measures at Lunch and Snack Time

We use tables with plenty of space between students. In addition, partitions are used to further prevent the spread of germs between students.

– Usage of Paper Towels

After washing their hands, single-use paper towels are used in order to prevent the spread of germs.

– About Enrollment Recess Options

If you are concerned about the spread of infection due to proximity to others, an adjournment system is offered. In this system, a month’s recess is permitted and the tuition from that month can be carried over to the next month. Please note that this system is for one month and can only be used one time in the school year. For further information please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the school.

If you are absent without using the Adjournment System, you will need to pay the childcare fee. For support outside the system provided by Knock Knock, please consult with your local ward office.

Infectious Disease Control Guidelines for Knock Knock English

-Regarding Mask Usage by Students

We ask that all students at face-to-face classes wear masks during the duration of class. If you are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, we request that you take an online class.

– Group Lessons Moving to Online Classes

As part of measured enacted to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we are moving all group classes to online as of September 6, 2021. For students who are not able to use internet from home, Knock Knock will provide devices and an environment for use of the digital classroom without physical contact with other students.

For private and semi-private lessons, we will consult you individually.

– Arrangement of Tables and Installation of Partitions

We use tables with plenty of space between students. In addition, depending on the space between students, partitions are used to prevent the proximity between students and the risk of spread of germs.

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